Available here Summer 2020 eMagazine for Students

What is on Careers?

A Careers eMagazine for Students at School & College

The 1.79 eMagazine comprises: careers news, job sector articles, enabling tools, checklists, labour market and qualification information relevant to students for the coming academic term, e.g. Didn't get the Grades? Select here for more details and purchase.

A Careers Programme for Schools and Colleges

The Eye on Careers careers programme comprises course materials and a toolkit to be used by careers leaders in schools and colleges as the core component of their careers programme. Select here for more details.

The aim of Eye on Careers is to give every student access to the high quality information, advice and guidance that they will need throughout their school and college years.

Careers Information at a Click

By designing the presentation of the careers information specifically for tablets and phones as well as conventional laptop and desktop computers.

By making downloadable Podcasts for the bites, toolkits and resources. The podcasts are accessed by selecting the speaker icon positioned on the right of each page. Try an example here.

Who is interested in careers advice?


Eye on Careers brings together all the information you need to help you research your career ideas. This information is intended for guidance only where your careers advisor or teacher will provide you with specific advice based on your subjects and interests.


Information is a very important part of making a decision, from deciding what GCSE options to take, to post 16 options: at sixth form or college or to take an apprenticeship, whether to go to university and finally job options for 18 year olds.