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on Careers Offers Careers Coaching

Eye on Careers offers a career coaching service for adults and students. Whether you are looking for a career coaching programme or specific sessions on topics such as CV writing, making choices or interview preparation, Eye on Careers can help. Click here for more details.

on Careers for Students at School or College

Eye on Careers produces digital based careers educational resources. Our material gives students the necessary careers skills and information for each academic year, 8 through 13, so that they can make informed decisions for the choices ahead.

A Careers Programme for Schools and Colleges

We have produced a digital careers programme for schools and colleges, which can be used by students through their school or college intranet, so they can access the material anytime they need it. Click here to take the Careers Programme tour.

The aim of Eye on Careers is to give every student access to the high quality information, advice and guidance that they will need throughout their school and college years.

A Careers eMagazine for Students at School & College

Eye on Careers publishes a termly e-magazine for both school and college students, which provides informative articles on topics such as job sectors, making choices and the labour market as well as what students should be thinking about that term. To purchase the 1.79 eMagazine select here for more details and purchase.

A Series of Careers Workbooks for Students at School & College

We have produced downloadable e-books , starting with our series of Careers Workbooks, for years 8 to 13. Click here for more details and purchase.

"Careers Information at a Click"